Ancient and Modern Egyptian Drumming and Dance
for Primary Schools {Key Stages 1+2}

Ancient Egypt is a fascinating subject for children. We bring to life the celebratory aspect of Ancient and modern Egyptian culture with our Presentation, Dance / Drumming Workshops and Show. With our tried and tested format we offer an amazing experience for the children and a worry free day for the teachers.

Let's introduce you to the team:

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Tim worked previously with "Cairo Comes to School" running workshops in more than 350 different schools over 19 years. An experienced professional musician, he has taught thousands of children the art of Egyptian hand drumming and is an enthusiastic workshop leader.

Bridget has taught children and adults Egyptian Dance for more than 14 years and is also a Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist. She has performed solo and with the dance group Tabeeya at public festivals and events (including for a Lord Mayor) and appeared on TV in one of the charity dance events she enjoys organising.

Sabrynah has led dance sessions in schools for two years (as well as others on health and the environment). As a professional dancer, she works across the UK & overseas - a notable performance being the Dance Queens of the Nile production at the Bloomsbury Theatre sponsored by the Petri Museum of Egyptian Archaeology!

Linda has been involved in Egyptian Dance from 1989 and, in addition to our workshops, teaches adults in London and the South East. Linda’s extensive experience includes co-leading an Egyptian Dance holiday in the Sinai and performing for Morgan Stanley Bank executives.

Our team are all experienced and skilled performers who inspire and bring out the best in pupils.

We are fully insured and each carry an up to date full DBS.

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