Some quotes from the children:

‘I thought it was going to be really difficult but there are lots of tricks to it.’
Paul aged 10

‘My favourite part was performing dance & drumming to the whole year group. For the dance the boys wore hilarious hats and us girls tied scarves around us. I will never forget that experience.’
Jemma aged 9

‘The best part was doing the camel dance move ... at the beginning I was really nervous but afterwards I thought it was amazing.’
Ahmad aged 6

‘I'll remember this day for the rest of my life’
Serena aged 7

Other favourite quotations:

‘It's like a trip coming to us’ and

‘Are the teachers paying you well?’

And what about those school teachers?

‘The children had a wonderful day and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. It brought our topic on Egypt to life.’
Teacher in Essex

‘I was amazed to see children with quite severe behaviour problems concentrating & participating perfectly.’
Teacher in Herts

‘They loved it - even the tough guys in Year 6’
Teacher in Kent

Teachers - do send us your favourite music / dance comments after your Ancient Egyptians workshops!